3 ways of moving your vehicle when relocating;

3 ways of moving your vehicle when relocating

In the modern day and age, and especially given the current circumstances, moving states is not uncommon. Whether due to new work prospects or business commitments or for other reasons of your own, moving to a new location can be a hassle, unless you plan for it accordingly. Beyond moving homes, the family, and all your stuff, which is quite a challenge in its own right, moving your car can be equally burdensome. At Dellcy we ensure seamless car transportation, hence here’s our advice on the 3 ways of moving your vehicle to a new location:

1. Drive the car yourself – risking “Capitan-obvious” labelling, the easiest and most common way of moving your car is to actually drive it yourself to the new location. 

Some might even question why moving your car is a hassle at all, given it is merely part of the moving puzzle. Load your stuff, family, and hopefully yourself in the car, and voila the moving part is taken care of all at once. Of course it is easier said than done, as sometimes your new state might be thousands of miles apart, or impossible (e.g. moving to Alaska, which involves travelling by car through Canada, something virtually impossible now due to the quarantine requirements), hence driving the car yourself is not always an option. Even more often, you will have more than one car, or simply choose an easier method of travel, hence reference the other two ways, if driving yourself is not possible;

2. Tow your car – unless somebody is reallykeen to do you such a favour, towing your vehicle is probably very much the same kind of recipe as method 1, just with more steps involved. 

If your vehicle allows towing, you could of course tow another car using a tow dolly or single-car vehicle carrier, but this will hurt the manoeuvrability of the moving truck. Your visibility will also be partially blocked, making your driving more challenging, and unless you’re really skilled at it, less safe. Needless to say driving in reverse will be difficult, and you could risk sustaining damage to the car if you err. Your trip will take longer when you’re hauling or towing then when driving the your car yourself. But, if you plan ahead, don’t mind the extra time and challenges on the road, this could be the option for you, especially if you have more than one car, and at least one of your vehicles is suitable for towing;

3. Have your vehicle shipped – you knew this was coming, as a professional car transportation company, we offer seamless car transportation services, alleviating you of the burden of moving your vehicle to a new location.

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