Vehicle shipping and important things in your car

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Continuing the series of posts with pieces of advice for new or perhaps existing car owners, we would like to share our list of 20 important items that are worth having  in your vehicle at all times:

1. Tire pressure gauge

As mentioned in our previous blog post on the 10 important things to know about your vehicle regularly checking your tires is imperative for your safety and proper vehicle performance. Part of that maintenance implies regularly checking your cold tiers’ pressure. Although most modern cars are be fitted with TPMS systems that digitally indicate the tire pressure, a simple tire pressure gauge is easy to use and small to store just in case something goes wrong or your car lacks the feature. Consumer Reports recommends checking your tire pressure at least once a month and before starting on a long trip.

2. Jumper cables

Even new cars or in great technical shape can end up with a dead battery. Moreover, you may want to have a set of car jumper cables on hand to be able to help someone who’s less prepared. If you don’t already own jump cables, you should be able to find a decent set of battery jumper cables for as little as $20, if not less.

3. Bug spray

Vehicle shipping and important things in your car</