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Seamless Auto Transport CAR SHIP NEAR ME IN USA

Here is What Our Costumers Think About us For Car Ship Near Me In USA

car ship near me

Awesome folks. Very pleasant to work with. Jay communicated well with me and car ship near me exotic ride right on time. Highly recommend them. Thank you.

car ship near me

If you want your car to arrive on time and damage free please use Dellcy Auto Transport.  They are super professional and accurate in all they do.  They are the very best!!  Thank you Dellcy for everything!!

car ship near me

Pick up and deliver in time as expected, very professional and provide great services!  I highly recommend to use them. I have great experience!!

car ship near me

Finally someone who cares about customers time sensitive needs. Quick pick up and delivery for the affordable price.

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Open Shipping

With our open carriers, we can load as many vehicles as needed, and move them anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Enclosed Shipping

Wherever you want to ship, we will take care of your car and will carefully place it to one of our enclosed auto carriers.

Flatbed Shipping

We’re flexible and can quickly help with our flatbed fleet to ship whatever you need to your specific location.

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Whatever you need near me - We can help

Meet Dellcy Auto Transport

Whether you are going on vacation and want to take your convertible, serving in the military and need to move your cars, or your business is growing and equipment needs to be where your customers are, we are the team to call if you want car shipping done fast, efficiently, and with the care you desire.
Quotes are always complimentary. Car Ship Near Me IN USA

car ship near me
What makes Dellcy better?

Easy to coordonate pick-up and drop off time

We provide you the driver’s phone number so you can directly agree on the place and time of pick-up and drop-off

Insurance coverage in case of damage

Our drivers and partners are pro, but on road many things can happen. We work with authorized auto haulers and have high insurance standards.

Clear communication through the shipping process

You can call or manager regarding your order and we gladly help you to answer on all the questions.

How it Works?
car ship near me

We know you really love your car. We tend to take care so much about it in the process, that we worked and polished these 3 simple steps in order to keep your car safe. car shipping near me

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, all dates given are estimates. For this reason we ask that you give us the earliest possible date you would be willing to release the vehicle, even though it may not be your preferred date.

We put you in direct contact with your carrier. The carrier also, typically, will call you the afternoon or evening before your pick up or delivery (they won’t just show up unannounced). However, carriers are out on the road battling traffic, weather and any number of other factors that can and do throw it off their pickup and delivery projections from time to time.

If the projected dates we give you come and you are unable to make contact with your carrier, please call our office immediately so that we may help resolve the situation.

Damage is rare, but unfortunately it does happen. The single most important thing for you to do if your vehicle is damaged is to note the damage on your final bill of lading report when you receive the vehicle.

The bill of lading is the report that the driver will fill out on pickup, denoting if there is any pre-existing damage. Any damage that occurs in transit must be entered on this report on delivery. Failure to do so could seriously hinder your damage claim, so we cannot stress this enough. Look your vehicle over thoroughly when you receive it. The bill of lading is a document that releases the carrier of liability once signed at delivery.

You can pay in cash or by card at the time of delivery. 

On average, it takes 1 to 2 days to transport a car to a distance of 200 miles; 200 to 600 miles 2 to 4 days; 600 – 1000 miles 3 to 5 days; 1000 – 1500 miles 4 to 6 days 1500 – 2000 miles 5 to 7 days; 2000 – 2400 miles 6 to 8 days; 2400 and up 7 to 9 days.

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