Auto shipping with Dellcy is Easy Simple Clear Smooth Secure

There are three simple steps to ship your car anywhere in the US

step 1

get a Quote and book your order

Depending on your needs, our experts will find the perfect transport solution at the lowest price. We are committed to keeping auto shipping as easy as possible, and booking your order is part of this process.

booking order for auto shipping
car pick up

step 2

we pick up your vehicle

After the car pick-up date is scheduled, together with the truck driver, set the exact time and place for the pick-up – there must be a space accessible to the transport equipment.

step 3

we deliver your car

“I’ll get to your destination soon” – this is the message you will receive from the truck driver until delivery. Together with him, determine the most suitable place for shipping, and Yes – now you can relax and enjoy the time with your lovely car.

car delivery
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