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10 items you cannot put in your car during transportation

Perhaps one of the most common questions we get from our customers is whether they can leave or ship personal items in their vehicles, while being transported; and if so which are the forbidden and permitted items. Different auto transportation companies will have their specific regulation in this respect, most of the times guided by the license they hold and / or the applicable laws and regulations in their state.

At Dellcy Auto Transport leaving personal items in your transported vehicle is acceptable, thereby ensuring our customers’ comfort, so long as they comply with the following terms and limitations:

  1. These are personal items or belongings, except for prohibited items;
  2. The cumulative weight of the items does not exceed 100 pounds total;
  3. The items are stored in the car trunk only;
  4. No personal items, without exceptions, are left in the vehicle’s passenger compartment;
  5. We bear no responsibility and cannot be held liable for the safety and / or integrity of such items.

Having sorted the legal part out of the way, here are 10 categories of prohibited items that you cannot leave in the vehicle being transported:

  1. Weapons (firearms, ammunition, and cold weapons including);
  2. Drugs and any other illegal goods (by drug we imply any substance that causes a change in an organism’s physiology or psychology when consumed either legal / prescribed or illegal);
  3. Valuables (any goods worth holding for material, emotional, or spiritual reasons);
  4. Works of art;
  5. Fragile objects;
  6. Animals or living beings;
  7. Chemicals (be it household, cleaning, or industrial chemicals, all are forbidden due to risk of leakage and vehicle contamination);
  8. Flammables and explosives (includes all flammable substances and any types of explosives, such as fireworks and / or other explosive substances as per the annual list of explosive materials);
  9. Food or perishable goods;
  10. Plants and seeds.

Any goods that are not excluded by the categories above are good to stay in your vehicle, provided you accept our terms and limitations. 

To make it easier, here is an example of 10 groups of allowed items:

  1. Clothing;
  2. Books and magazines;
  3. Household items;
  4. Car parts;
  5. Electronics (unless not classified as valuables);
  6. Accessories;
  7. Furniture;
  8. Toys;
  9. Decorations;
  10. Tools.

And since you are up to date on the 10 prohibited and allowable items in your transported car, here’s how our 7 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Auto Transportation.


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