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7 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Auto Transportation

At Dellcy we offer seamless auto transportation, providing easy and safe door-to-door car delivery services at a fair price. In order to make sure your pick up and drop off process stays as smooth as possible, here are our 7 steps on how to prepare your vehicle for transportation:

Step 1: Before the auto transportation process, get ready the transported vehicle’s documents

Dellcy transported vehicle’s documents

Auto transportation is subject to proof of ownership requirements. Before we can transport it we therefore require a list of documents pertinent to your vehicle. To prevent any shipment delays we require your submittal in advance of the:

  • Vehicle registration information;
  • Proof of insurance;
  • Bill of sale or other documentary proof of your ownership of the vehicle;
  • Original vehicle title;
  • Your unexpired identification (i.e. driver’s license or passport).

Step 2: Wash and document the vehicle

Wash your vehicle first and then take well-lid pictures of it from all angles documenting the exterior and the interior. Although it might seem counterintuitive, washing your car allows you and us to see any damage your paint, body panels, or the interior might readily have (e.g. wear, dings, scratches, or other paint imperfections or interior defects and missing parts) thereby excluding any damage can occur during the car transportation. Don’t forget cleaning the car interior also, vacuuming its carpets and wiping down all surfaces, and clearing out any personal items or clutter. Whether you do it yourself or pay the service, it is always rewarding to be handed the keys to a fresh and clean car at the destination. Do check all storage compartments and ensure there is nothing personal left behind, but keep the vehicle’s spare tire, emergency kit, lift jack, license plate, and any other OEM equipment on it.  

Step 3: Perform the vehicle general maintenance

7 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Auto Transportation

Unless your car is inoperable (that is to say not roadworthy or perhaps not able to run and drive), in which case you should inform us of the fact during the ordering of the service, you should check and if necessary perform the general maintenance of your vehicle prior to shipment. Check for any defects or leaks and mechanical or drivetrain issues, and top off any fluids. If you notice a leak, have it repaired before your car is picked up. The general check list of the vehicle check-up includes:

  • Tire pressure: vehicle tires should be properly inflated as per the OEM recommendation (neither over nor underinflated) in order to avoid vehicle damage during transportation.
  • Battery charge: check that your car battery is fully charged and in good condition.
  • Fluids: If necessary top off your vehicle’s fluids, including oil, brake, coolant, power steering, and washer. Check for any possible leaks.
  • Mileage: Take notice your vehicle mileage at pickup and delivery.

Step 4: Make sure your vehicle fuel level is at ¼ full

Dellcy car fueling

Filling up your tank before shipment is unnecessary. Extra fuel means extra weight for your vehicle and hence the vehicle carrier. Leave or empty your gas tank to just a quarter full. That’s enough fuel to drive it on and off the transport truck without worrying about running out of fuel.

Step 5: Remove any vehicle accessories and disable any add-on alarms

Any vehicle accessories on the exterior can be damaged during car shipping. Protect your car—and expensive accessories—by removing or securing them before your car shipment. Such items include removable ski and bike racks, rooftop boxes and luggage racks, retractable antennas, custom spoilers, etc. Additionally do make sure to deactivate any non-OEM alarms installed on the vehicle and deactivate or remove toll tags. This is of course for obvious reasons, you will spare the truck driver from dealing with a vehicle alarm that he can’t easily turn off or get to (especially an alarm he doesn’t know how to shut off once he gets to the vehicle since it is an add-on), as well as avoiding picking up any toll fees while your car is being shipped on the transport carrier.

Step 6: Ensure you have an additional set of keys or a valet smart key

In order for us to access your vehicle and be able to drive it onto the auto transporter for loading and offloading (presuming your vehicle is in working order, yet keys are most of the times necessary even when your vehicle is not operational) you will need to provide an additional set of keys or valet smart key to the responsible Dellcy transportation representative. You can lock your vehicle before shipment, so long as you provide an additional set of keys or a valet smart key. If you don’t have a spare set, it is highly advised that you get one. Do not give to us your only set of keys or smart keys.

Step 7: Sign the bill of lading and check the insurance policy

The auto transportation process.

Dellcy auto transportation representative will arrange a call with you before arrival to ensure you’re home and that the vehicle is ready for shipment (unless you’ve skipped out on door-to-door shipping and opted to drop off the vehicle instead). You or another empowered responsible adult must be present when the driver arrives for the vehicle inspection and for signing of the bill of lading. This is a legal contract between you and us as the car shipment company, and it acts as both a receipt and legal protection for your vehicle shipment. Your bill of lading covers the key details of the shipment, such as where your vehicle is being shipped from and to, the condition of your vehicle at pickup, any mechanical or special issues with your vehicle. Please read the contract before signing. It will save us from any misunderstanding and hassle while assuring you and your vehicle are legally protected. You can ask questions about any terms or request additional clarifications should you require them. Make sure to ascertain whether your vehicle is insured whilst being transported. If you have understood and agree with all contractual agreements you can sign the bill of landing. Once your the bill of lading is signed, you can leave the rest with us. We will load your vehicle and ensure safe door-to-door transportation services right on time!


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