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Shipping a classic car can be a delicate process, as these vehicles are often highly valuable and may require special care and handling during transport. 

Where Classic Car Auto Transport starts

Transporting a classic car is a delicate process that requires utmost care, attention, and expertise. As a classic car owner, you have likely spent a considerable amount of time and resources maintaining the pristine condition of your vehicle. This article will provide you with essential information about the topic and guide you through choosing the right shipper, preparing your vehicle for shipping, and understanding the unique aspects of the process.

Table of Contents

Why Classic Car Shipping is Unique

Unlike regular car shipping, classic car transport poses unique challenges, such as:

  1. Classic cars often have a higher value than newer models, making their safe transportation a priority.
  2. Many classic vehicles have rare or delicate parts that require special handling and care during transport.
  3. Classic cars may have unique dimensions or characteristics that necessitate specific equipment and expertise.
Classic car transport shipping haulers

Insurance Considerations

Given the high value and rarity of classic cars, it’s vital to ensure your classic car shipping provider offers adequate insurance coverage. Make sure the carrier’s liability insurance covers the full value of your vehicle, and consider purchasing additional coverage if necessary. Attract pedantic attention to this chapter because transport car across country isn’t a walk around the neighborhood. On the long haul anything can happen.

Choosing the Right Classic Auto Transport Company

classic auto transport

Researching Classic Car Haulers

Finding the perfect classic car haulers for your needs may take some time and research. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a company trough:

  1. Reputation: Look for a company with a solid reputation and a history of successfully transporting classic cars.
  2. Specialization: Seek out a service that specialize in classic, antique, or luxury vehicles.
  3. Experience: Select a company with extensive experience in handling classic cars, as they will likely have the necessary expertise and equipment.

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insight into a company’s performance and reliability. Look for testimonials from classic car owners who have used the company’s services in the past. Our consumer reports to best car transport companies are always updated.

Licensing and Certification

Verify that the classic auto transport company you choose is licensed and certified by the appropriate authorities, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in the United States. Make sure that the license date has not expired and that all data matches.

Types of Classic Car Shipping Services

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport provides additional protection for your classic car by shielding it from weather, road debris, and other potential hazards. While enclosed transport is more expensive than open-air options, it is often the preferred choice for classic car shipping due to the increased security and peace of mind it offers.

Open-Air Transport

Open-air transport is the most common and affordable method of classic car transport. However, it leaves your vehicle exposed to the elements and potential road debris, making it less suitable for highly valuable or delicate classic cars.

Preparing Your Classic Car for Transport

Pre-Transport Inspection

Before handing over your classic car to the transport company, conduct a thorough pre-transport inspection to ensure its safe arrival at its destination.

Documenting Existing Damages

Take detailed photographs of your vehicle from multiple angles, highlighting any existing scratches, dents, or other damages. This documentation will serve as a reference in case any disputes arise regarding the vehicle’s condition upon arrival.

Removing Personal Items

Clear your classic car of any personal belongings, as these may shift during transport and cause damage to your vehicle’s interior.

Securing Loose Parts

Inspect your vehicle for any loose or removable parts that may become dislodged during transport. Secure or remove these items as necessary to prevent damage.

Protecting Exteriors

If you have any concerns about your vehicle’s exterior, consider investing in a protective cover designed specifically for classic cars. This additional layer of protection can help minimize potential damage during the way. 

So let's draw some concluding lines

Shipping a classic car requires specialized knowledge and care, making it essential to choose the right classic car transport companies to meet your unique needs. By researching the haulers, selecting the appropriate shipping service, and properly preparing your vehicle for transport, you can ensure the safe and successful delivery of your prized classic car.


Most frequent questions and answers

Consider the company’s reputation, specialization, experience, customer reviews, and licensing and certification when making your decision.

Open-air transport exposes your vehicle to the elements and potential road debris, while enclosed transport provides additional protection from weather, debris, and other hazards.

Ensure that the carrier’s liability insurance covers the full value of your vehicle, and consider purchasing additional coverage if necessary.

Conduct a pre-transport inspection, document existing damages, remove personal items, secure loose parts, and protect the exterior if necessary.

Classic car delivery process is unique due to the higher value and rarity of classic cars, the presence of delicate or rare parts, and the specialized equipment and expertise required for safe transport.

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