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Shipping a classic car can be a delicate process, as these vehicles are often highly valuable and may require special care and handling during transport. 

Expert Classic Car Shipping with Care and Precision

When preparing your classic car for shipping, it’s important to thoroughly clean and detail the vehicle, and to remove any personal belongings. You should also make sure the fuel tank is at a reasonable level, and provide the shipping company with detailed instructions on how to handle your car, including any special care or handling instructions. 

Once your car is ready for shipping, the company will transport it using a specialized car carrier. These carriers are designed to protect your vehicle during transit, and many feature climate-controlled trailers to ensure that your car arrives in the same condition as it left.

Classic car transport shipping haulers

Professional car shipping services

You’ve spent tons of time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears restoring your classic or exotic car, and now it’s time for you to ship it. It doesn’t matter where. To a show. To a new house. Maybe you sold it and just made a bundle. Whatever your reason, Dellcy is the Best Auto Transport in usa is your classic car transportation professionals.

Complete commitment

We’re a Best Auto Transport in usa company that is committed to providing you luxury transportation service anywhere in the continental United States, keeping your vehicle sheltered from rocks, snow, sun, or the occasional bird bomb. We understand how valuable your classic car is to you, so we take care of it just like you would … with soft hands.

Safety guaranteed

Your classic auto transport company should give you confidence that your cargo will arrive safely, on time, and in one piece. That’s why Dellcy Auto Transport and Logistics is licensed and insured. So, rest easy. We’ve got this. Your car will be in one of our specially designed transportation vehicles on its way before you know it.

What makes us special?

You’ve undoubtedly seen plenty of classic car transport near you. We’re not like the other guys; we’re easy to work with, here when you need us, and ready to answer any questions you may have, even the odd ones. Call us and find out for yourself. Car shipping quotes on how we supply luxury transport service and can ship your classic car are always free.

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