Cheap car transport – Long haul capabilities

Another question of interest we regularly receive from our customers pertains the number of vehicles a customer can have hauled at once.

As most vehicle transportation companies out there, we are combining car shipping orders from proximate locations, thereby reducing overall costs and ensuring effective and hasle free transportation of several cars to destinations across a common transport route. In such instances Dellcy uses a multi-vehicle capacity long haul car transport truck to perform the car collection and shipping in a single trip, hence boosting total output and ensuring a lower cost for the customer.

Cheap car transport - Long haul capabilities

It is common sense that shipping several cars at once is cheaper than transporting one vehicle at a time. Clients wishing to transport several cars at once, are therefore merely making use of the long haul car transportation method that is used for virtually all of our shipments at Dellcy. This method involves loading and shipping several cars onto a long haul car transportation truck, and it is used when transporting vehicles over long distances by land transport. These trucks are adapted to ship all kinds of automobiles. The number of cars that a long haul truck can transport depends on their specific dimensions, yet a standard long haul truck may fit anywhere from 5 to 9 vehicles depending on their type (i.e. SUVs take up more space by being longer and / or taller). Under the U.S. legislation, the capacity of an auto transportation truck bed is restricted to an 80,000 lbs weight cap.

Therefore if you are planning to ship more than one vehicle to the same or several destinations suitable for a common route, then the short answer is this is not only possible but also cost-effective. In fact, when you transport several automobiles at once, we might provide collective order discounts. Therefore, shipping many autos at once saves you money on transport by taking advantage of the cost effective and hast seamless car transportation freight rates.