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We are honored to transport military vehicles of any type and load. You just need to contact us.

Reliable military vehicle transport

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Dellcy Auto Transport thanks military members and their families for their continued service. We understand, when duty calls, you need to get there, and it can be difficult to ship your cars. That’s why we are the preferred professional choice for military car transport.


When you need to move the family, the last thing you should worry about is how you can get the extra family car to your new duty station. That’s where we come in. We understand the needs of the military family, and military vehicle shipping and relocation can be a headache. Let us ship your car, truck, or SUV anywhere in the lower 48 states. Your vehicle will be waiting for you.

Safe and on time

Your household goods go on a truck, and you hold your breath when everything arrives, hoping your goods arrive in one piece. Dellcy Auto Transport is licensed and insured, so we stand behind our safe auto transport practices. Your car will arrive where you need it to, on time, and in one piece. Shipping your car shouldn’t be a process; it should be a walk in the park. The mover’s vehicle we use is designed with your car in mind. Have more than one? We can handle it.

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Car shipping military discount

Come see why we are the preferred military car shipping choice for cars that belong to military families. Call us and ask how we can make the shipping of your cars easy and worry-free. At Dellcy you can always get a free car transport quotes and a preferential vehicle shipping rates.

And rest assured – we will do our best to create for you a car shipping military discount.

Military car transport
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Military car transport
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