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Interstate car shipping – Most loved ways in America

It turns out that the pandemic hasn’t made us love our cars any less in spite of driving them considerably lower mileage throughout the outgoing 2020. 

American customers returning to the new vehicle market and making purchases during the global COVID-19 pandemic when typical driving needs are significantly reduced? “It is because many customers love their vehicles and the experience they have while driving them,” according to the Strategic Vision founder, Dr. Darrel Edwards, an international consulting and advisory service organization that focuses on helping to understand and predict advocacy, conquest, and loyalty. Referencing their latest study we can discover What are the Most Loved Vehicles in America? According to Dr. Edwards, “They are those models that deliver the best experience on the attributes that are personally important to the customer based on their personal priorities and values.” Their most recent study includes models from the Kia Forte Sedan to the BMW 8-Series Convertible. The BMW 8-Series leads Strategic Vision’s 2021 Most Loved Vehicle Awards. Among leaders in other categories were the Mercedes G-Class and GLC, Ram 1500, and Dodge Charger, according to the results of Strategic Vision’s 2021 Customer Love Experience Index (CLEI) measure.

CLEI is a product-focused metric that reviews 114 different customer experiences with product attributes and features ranging from “Overall Exterior Styling” to “Mirroring of smartphone content on vehicle display.” The emotional experience with each attribute is measured on the Edwards Commitment Scale, which ranges from “I Love it” to “I Hate it” with “Satisfied” in the middle. “We discovered that when you use the natural language of the customer to judge their experience, the predictive quality on future advocacy, loyalty and conquest is statistically different along each point of the scale. In fact, future loyalty of those who state they are Satisfied with their vehicle looks more like those who Hate their vehicle than those who Love it,” says Alexander Edwards, President of Strategic Vision. Turns out it is not enough to just be a brand with strong imagery or to be a luxury brand offering additional appointments and features. While these can certainly help, CLEI is based on two key items: A) whether the experience with the attribute generates Love for the customer, and B) how important the attribute is to the group of consumers (e.g., how well it predicts future loyalty, advocacy, and conquest). To be the Most Loved Vehicle in America, you have to provide the best customer experience where it counts. 

In the 2021 results, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Chevrolet each lead 2 of the 13 categories because they delivered the customer experience where it mattered. “The Chevrolet Trailblazer was a leader in its category because of the strong styling cues and technology on the vehicle that owners said that they Loved,” reports Chris Chaney, Senior Vice President of Strategic Vision. “This is different than why the Mercedes GLC was the Most Loved by African Americans as its interior makes all the difference, which includes roominess for the driver, interior design, seat material quality and even availability of interior colour choices.”

Another key finding in 2021 CLEI is that the BMW 3-Series and Nissan Rogue tied to be the Most Loved by younger new vehicle owners. While the 3-Series provided aspirational power and performance, the Rogue’s styling (inside and out) along with various technology packages allowed it to be at the top with BMW. The Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van was the leader by a wide margin in the Van segment, which Minivan owners dominate.

Here are the 2021 Most Loved Vehicles in America winners, with their CLEI scores, are: 

Interstate car shipping - Most loved ways in America


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