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What is open transport shipping?

At Dellcy we offer seamless car transportation, and a recurring question we have been receiving every so often from our customers pertains the vehicle carrier methods, and how these compare to one another. Hence we’ve decided to go in depth into each, starting the series by the most common, the open transport shipping method.

An open carrier, just as the terminology implies, represents an open transport vehicle shipping method that is most commonly used to haul vehicles domestically.  With open transport, your car is usually shipped on a long, two-level trailer. Open transport is suitable for any type of vehicle and is the best choice if you want to ship a standard model or a used car, regardless of the distance, so long as it happens on land by means of road transportation. One could think that because this type of transport carries multiple vehicles, it would implicitly take longer to get them to their destinations.  However, it is quite the opposite, as carrying multiple vehicles one a single trailer makes it very cost effective, with easier scheduling, and greater flexibility compared to other vehicle transportation methods.  Consequently, this makes open carrying both faster and more cost-effective. And, it is still a secure method for shipping vehicles.

Imagining open car transport shipping, whereby your vehicle is loaded on a vehicle carrier trailer that typically has two racks on which 5 to 10 vehicles can be positioned stacked upon one another, with the truck length measuring anywhere from 16 to 24 feet, and having no walls or roof, could seem less safeguarding, as your vehicle is exposed to the elements. Truth is modern open vehicle carrying trailers are equipped with safeguards and special equipment to keep your car safely secured to the storage ramps and minimize any risk of damage. Commercial car carrier trailers usually have a double-decker design, and the decks have subdivisions that use hydraulics to enable independent movement. While flatbed tow trucks are equipped with loaders and winches to upload non-operational cars, open car carriers are loaded by driving the vehicles onto the hydraulic ramps. Once loaded, the cars are secured to the ramps using wheel straps, tie-down ratchets or chains. 

The open car transport trailers design provides efficient protection for the vehicles. While cars on an open carrier will be exposed to the elements, the beams and bars will deflect most objects from your vehicle. Unlike driving your vehicle, it does not sustain wear and tear when it is transported across the country. That means that no miles are added while the risk of accidents is reduced dramatically. Your vehicle will be secured to the beams and equipment of the trailer during open car transport, and nobody but the driver or other authorized employees have access to your vehicle. Every security measure is taken at all times to keep your vehicle safe. Additionally, at Dellcy, our transportation is both licensed and insured, so if something unexpected can happen, you can have full confidence in knowing we will be standing behind our open carriers. 

How does open carrier transportation compare to the other methods? Shipping your vehicle by open transport is faster and cheaper than enclosed transport. With this being the most common car shipping method, as a rule there are more open-air carriers available on the road. This makes it easier to book a preferred shipping and arrival time. Do check out website or call to get an instate quote. By extension shipping by open carrier is the most affordable way to have your car shipped. But it usually necessitates your car to be roadworthy (since not all open carriers can winch your car), and is less pampering compared to the enclosed vehicle transportation method. An open transport trailer is open-air which means your vehicle is exposed to the weather. Therefore your vehicle also receives minimum protection from road debris during transport, and may arrive dirty and in need of a wash at the destination since cars shipped in an open container aren’t individually covered.


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