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What is enclosed transport shipping?

At Dellcy we offer seamless car transportation, and a recurring question we have been receiving every so often from our customers pertains the vehicle carrier methods, and how these compare to one another. Hence we’ve decided to go in depth into each, continuing the series with the most protective, the enclosed car shipping method.

Enclosed carriers offer more protection when shipping a vehicle.

Being enclosed, these trailers keep your car safe and away from the elements. You won’t have to worry about any bad weather or random debris damaging your vehicle. Most enclosed carriers usually only haul up to 7 cars at a time, and more commonly will transport 3 to 4. As a rule this means your vehicle will have no cars above it (and even in cases of multileveled trailer, it would still mean the use a separating platform with no orifices between levels), excluding the risk of falling parts or leakages from vehicles overhead. Often times enclosed car shipping implies a more dedicated, extra care service for your vehicle. Enclosed carriers also offer a higher level of vehicle security and protection. Drivers of enclosed carriers are more experienced in the care of high-end vehicles. Some operators even offer a white glove transport option with enclosed shipping. With the white glove option, the driver gives full attention to your vehicle to provide you with the highest level of transparency and customer care during the transport process. White glove car service includes things like: constant communication and updates, greater insurance protection, and / or single-car trailer transport.

Of course the extra protection comes at a cost, with the enclosed carriers being typically the most expensive car transportation method. It may also take a little bit longer to find an available enclosed carrier to pick up your vehicle. Enclosed carriers are a great idea if you are shipping vintage, exotic, luxury, or vehicles with sentimental value. With an enclosed carrier, fewer cars can be moved at once, which makes an enclosed carrier more expensive compared to an open carrier. There is also less opportunity for the driver to conduct routine inspections of your vehicle during transit. Enclosed carriers are heavier meaning they are less fuel-efficient. This leads to an increase in fuel costs and translates into higher transportation costs. Overall, enclosed car shipping is more costly than the open-air alternative by up to 50%.

As far as the carrier structure, soft-sided and hard-sided trailers are available with enclosed car shipping. Enclosed trailer options include multi-car trailers, two-car trailers, and one-car / single trailers. Multi-car enclosed trailers can hold up to seven cars loaded onto 2 levels. This is usually the most inexpensive choice if you are considering an enclosed trailer. Two- or one-car trailers are understandably more expensive. They are often used for high-dollar, antique, or rare vehicles, or for express deliveries. FIY and peace of mind, at Dellcy, our transportation is both licensed and insured, so if something unexpected can happen, you can have full confidence in knowing we will be standing behind our enclosed carriers also. 

How does enclosed carrier transportation compare to the other methods?

Enclosed car shipping is usually a dedicated method of transport reserved for restored classic cars or rare and / or expensive vehicles. The main disadvantage to enclosed transportation is the cost. As mentioned earlier, you’ll pay approximately 50% more for enclosed vs open shipping. Another disadvantage is it usually takes longer to get a car shipped in an enclosed trailer because there could be not as many carriers available in your region that offer the enclosed shipping service.

Unless you’re shipping a restored classic car or a rare expensive car, open transport is usually the best option. You’ll get your vehicle shipped the quickest and for the least amount of money. However, at the end of the day, the choice between open vs enclosed transportation will depend on your shipping needs and budget. And if you require or choose to pick enclosed shipping, we will be more than happy to oblige. Please check out our website or call to get an instate quote.


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